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Refrigerators build by "EKO-FREON" are made of sandwich panels filled with polyurethane core. Polyurethane is currently the best insulator and its thickness is: 8 cm for cold rooms and 10 cm for freezers. All panels are covered on both sides with galvanized, low-profile steel sheet, coated with organic coating. Those panels have excellent resistance to corrosion and to the climate and environment effects. Our equipments are made of panels painted in RAL 9010. For specific applications, we also offer panels painted in different colors or covered with stainless steel. Components used to build our cold rooms are certified by the Polish Institute of Hygiene and all of them have appropriate certificates and approvals. Cold rooms are finished inside with the corner covings made of PVC that provide both: esthetics and hygiene. This is particularly important for food products storage. All of our cold rooms have doors with safe lock and key (There is possibility of opening door from the inside even when doors are locked). In freezers, floor isolation is covered with additional anti-slip aluminum sheet.

Years of experience shows us, that only professional and reliability equipment is a guarantee of client's satisfaction. That is why we use in our cold rooms condensing units which are manufactured by the French company Tecumseh for small products or Bitzer and Frascold for large objects. We also use evaporators from Italian company ECO which is a worldwide leader in the production of refrigeration evaporators.

An additional advantage of our products is the fact that each of them has its own electrical system, which includes, among others, residual current protection and phase failure detector. An integral part of that installation is also an electronic temperature controller with automatic defrost with which you can set the desired temperature. Our chambers have their own lighting, and "Man in room" alarm

In case of any problems we ensure warranty service.

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